Movement for Weight Loss

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Jan­u­ary 2009 Maui Hawaii 

Movement for Weight Loss

Accom­plish your New Years res­o­lu­tion to loose weight. Sim­ple breath­ing and move­ments are all it takes. Read on to find out why.

1st the Krebs cycle 
A series of chem­i­cal reac­tions that occur in most aer­o­bic organ­isms and are part of the process of aer­o­bic cell metab­o­lism, by which glu­cose and oth­er mol­e­cules are bro­ken down in the pres­ence of OXYGEN into car­bon diox­ide and water to release chem­i­cal ener­gy in the form of ATP. The Krebs cycle is the inter­me­di­ate stage, occur­ring between gly­col­y­sis and phos­pho­ry­la­tion, and results in the enzy­mat­ic break­ing down, rear­rang­ing, and recom­bi­na­tion of byprod­ucts of gly­col­y­sis. The com­bi­na­tion of gly­col­y­sis and the Krebs cycle ulti­mate­ly allows 36 ATP mol­e­cules to be pro­duced from the ener­gy con­tained in one mol­e­cule of glu­cose and six mol­e­cules of oxy­gen. Also called cit­ric acid cycle.

What’s all this have to do with your weight loss pro­gram? Plen­ty! As is food, Oxy­gen is fuel for your body. There are no calo­ries in oxy­gen. You can breathe in all you want for as long as you want and still no calo­ries! Not only that, but the extra oxy­gen you take in while using breath con­trol while mov­ing will cause the chem­i­cal reac­tions in your body, see Krebs cycle def­i­n­i­tion above, to take place faster. Sim­ply put, the breath and move­ment com­bo makes the metab­o­lism speed up. This makes you burn more fat and calories.

Yoga pos­tures done cor­rect­ly with breath can be a gen­tle form of move­ment for weight loss. And there are more pos­si­ble ben­e­fits to your Yoga pro­gram in addi­tion to weight loss. From the East­ern healthy liv­ing approach fol­low­ing gen­tle yoga pos­tures may stim­u­late the lym­phat­ic and endocrine sys­tems of our bod­ies. As these two sys­tems func­tion in a healthy state over a peri­od of time, these two com­plex sys­tems of our bod­ies will pro­mote weight man­age­ment. Weight loss can be achieved when we fac­tor the direct rela­tion­ship of breath, com­bined with move­ment for burn­ing calo­ries, and a sim­ple and pain free Yoga pos­ture rou­tine. This makes sim­ple sense.

Along with Yoga, Pilates exer­cis­es empha­sis breath. You not only get the added ben­e­fits of extra oxy­gen intake, but you are also align­ing your body cor­rect­ly. Many of us see this as “good pos­ture”. When we see some­one stand­ing tall with assured and flu­id move­ment they appear more fit, thin­ner and more con­fi­dent. When our pos­ture or body align­ment is cor­rect all the core mus­cles can work more effi­cient­ly from the pelvic floor to the diaphragm. Inter­nal­ly the organs will lay in an aligned posi­tion for bet­ter function.

Can­dice Crews own­er and founder of Pilates Maui has been teach­ing Yoga pos­tures since 1971. Can­dice has designed a gen­tle Yoga pro­gram for weight loss. Her Yoga class­es are easy to fol­low and can be accom­pa­nied by her lam­i­nat­ed Yoga at a Glance cards for home pro­gram use. Pilates Maui Yoga class­es are 1.5 hours long to give you plen­ty of time to relax and have your ques­tions answered. We hope to work close­ly with weight loss orga­ni­za­tions in our com­mu­ni­ty for hap­pi­ness and health. Class­es are small and in a pri­vate stu­dio set­ting for your per­son­al com­fort. Vis­it Maui and request a Yoga on the Beach ses­sion at sun­rise or sun­set. Let the gen­tle waves of Hawaii calm you with your BREATH!